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Nutraceuticals products are food or food fortified products that assist in treating or preventing diseases. We have various formulations available in Nutraceuticals category catering different therapeutics need.


• Multi-Vitamins
• Dietary Supplements
• Soft-Gels
• Prebiotic

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We have over 300 formulations as tablets, capsules, syrups, soft-gels, ointments, creams, lozenges, dry powder for injection, eye and ear drops, inhalers, suppositories across various therapeutic segments.


Anti-Malarial products
• Anti-cold/Anti-allergic products
• Anti-biotic/Anti-bacterial products
• Analgesic (NSAID)/Anti-inflammatory products
• Gastrointestinal products
• Anti-Hypertensive Drugs products
• Cardio Vascular Drugs/Cholesterol Reduction products
• Anti-Diabetic products
• Anti-Respiratory products
• Pediatrics products
• Gynecological products
• Dermatological products
• Ophthalmic products

Coming soon products

We have wide range of specifically designed tools or devices for performing specific actions or carrying out desired effects during surgery.


• Sutures
• Disposable Needles
• Latex Medical Examination Gloves
• Catheters
• I.V Infusion Set
• Urine Collection Bag
• Surgical Gown
• Diagnostic Kit
• Scalp Vein Set
• Orthopedics, Dressings and External Preparation Products.